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Real Estate Support Assistance

Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Premiere Small Business Assistance has provided complete, cost-effective office solutions for small business owners since 1997. Our principals bring over thirty years of executive support success to your business.

We know that you’d like more time and freedom to enjoy the life for which you work so hard. At Premiere SBA, we serve all of our clients’ business support needs by providing comprehensive service offerings. We take the time to get to know you, learn all facets of your business, align appropriate services with your goals, and partner with you for long-term success.

Your success is our business!

On time, efficient and quality work. I would highly recommend Premiere Small Business Assistance!”

— Jennifer Kalita
The Kalita Group

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Our Commitment to You

Confidence and Trust
Premiere SBA takes the trust you place in us very seriously, and we offer you the security of 100% confidentiality. We respect your privacy, and that of your clients, so anything you discuss with us is kept between us. You can rest easy, knowing that all information you provide so that we may help you to operate most efficiently is held in the strictest confidence.

Professional Service
The beauty of virtual assistance is that outsourcing tasks that don’t need your personal involvement frees you up to focus on the things you do best. With a virtual assistant on your team, you can work “on” the business instead of “in” the business.

Prompt and Efficient
Premiere SBA will provide activity updates as often as you’d like, and we’ll meet your needs more efficiently and professionally than you ever dreamed possible.

Sales! That’s what determines your success as a real estate agent. And, if you’re not meeting with clients, you’re missing out on money-making opportunities!

If you’re like most agents, your real estate practice is intense and at times, all consuming. You need to meet with new clients, keep track of timelines, tour and market homes. You have credentialing seminars and home closings to shuffle into your bursting schedule. There are email and voicemail messages and other inquiries that need your prompt attention. And, before long, you’ve found that you’re working longer hours just to keep on top of the demands of your growing business.

Prompt, courteous and professional! As a busy executive, I place very high standards on quality and service. Premiere Small Business Assistance has consistently exceeded my expectations!”

— Kristine Maveus-Evenson
Chief Executive Officer
Progressive Ideas, Inc.

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By the time you close your office for the day, your mind is still spinning with the details and you can’t imagine growing larger without sacrificing your sanity in the process. You know you need help, but you simply don’t have the time to train someone to handle all of the daily projects that keep your real estate agency running smoothly.

Now, imagine for a moment, finding someone who not only understands the real estate industry, but is trained to offer support services unique to real estate professionals. Visualize finding someone you trust enough to hand off the tasks that tie you to your office so you can spend more time creating more dealmaking moments or free up your time to spend doing the things you enjoy. It’s not a fantasy, it’s reality! While you’re closing sales or enjoying your newfound freedom, a trained real estate support professional would be handling the daily details so you can reach your goals faster.

That’s just where we come in. We handle the tasks that don’t need your personal attention so you can focus on what you do best to build your real estate business and have a life. We handle details such as:

• Preparation of Listing Presentations

• CMA's and Listing Packages Listing

• Closing Transaction Management

• MLS Management

• Bulk Mailings

• Action Plan Management

• Data Processing

• Mailing List Management

• Flyers

• Postcards

• Brochures

• Buyer Books

• Newsletters

• Website Design and Maintenance

• Virtual Tours

• Web Commercials

• Appointment Scheduling

“Very detail conscientious and thorough! I wouldn't trust my business to anyone else. Premiere Small Business Assistance goes beyond the call of duty again and again.”

— Jennifer Reed
RTech Solutions, Inc.

If you’re ready to work your way to the top instead of the top of the task list, contact us for a no obligation, no strings attached consultation.

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Tel: 847-686-8622




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